Big Brother is a reality TV program, shown on the Australian channel Network Ten, in which a number of contestants from throughout Australia live in an isolated compound (known as the 'house'), where their daily lives are recorded and broadcasted on national Australian television. Housemates try to avoid being evicted through the public vote, with the aim of winning a large cash prize of up to $1,000,000 AUD at the end of the series. The Australian version is based on the Big Brother series produced by Endemol international. The show's name comes from George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, a dystopia in which Big Brother is the all-seeing leader. Australian television presenter and author Gretel Killeen hosts Big Brother Launch nights, Evictions, Nomination shows, and all other special shows; with Mike Goldman as the series voice-over, UpLate and Friday Night Games host.

The eventual winner of Big Brother will recieve a cash prize as a reward for being the longest lasting housemate in their series. In series one (2001), series two (2002) and series three (2003), the cash prize stood at a guranteed $250,000 AUD, without inclination of the fines system. In series four (2004), the prize money was raised to a guranteed $1,000,000 AUD, without inclination of the fines system. Series five (2005) and series six (2006) both continued to offer the $1,000,000 AUD prize money, however, with the introduction of the fines system, the 2005 winner of Big Brother recieved $836,000 AUD in prize money. As of July 4, the 2006 series of Big Brother offers a prize amount of $270,000 AUD.

Many criticisms are aimed at the program including:
-- The use of product placement, examples being:
-- In 2001, a preview of The Secret Life of Us that was shown to the housemates late in the first series. The Secret Life of Us, another Network Ten programme, was preparing to make its premiere immediately after that Big Brother season ended. The housemates' seemingly ingenuine positive reaction to the new show was aired during the prime time daily update show.
-- During the 2003 season, housemates were given a task to count a large bowl of M&M's, a major sponsor for the season.
-- During the 2004 season, the entire backyard of the house was filled with snow, to tie in with a special viewing of the film The Day After Tomorrow.
-- During the 2005 season, housemates were required to take Tango dancing lessons and were treated to a special viewing of the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Other 20th Century Fox tie ins included a "favourite fantastic four" housemates competition, linked to the Fantastic Four film.
-- In one episode, approximately ten minutes of the Up-Late show focused solely on the use of a mobile phone which had been provided by one of the show's major sponsors.
-- Home viewer competitions not being open to the residents of South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia due to timezone differences. However this has been rectified with a new competition in the 2005 series called Hammer Down which enables all residents of Australia to enter. In 2006, there was a new website which enabled S.A., N.T. and W.A. veiwers to participate with live streaming of Uplate over the web.
-- Telephone costs associated with housemate evictions.
-- The content of its Uncut shows, which during the 2005 series was said by some commentators to border on pornography, with graphic depictions of masturbation (the girls used a hose in the sauna to "get themselves off"), constant nudity, and mistaken allegations that one male housemate rubbed his penis in a female housemate's hair. These criticisms were even made by Federal Government Parliamentarians led by Trish Draper.
-- The advertisement content of the Up late shows, particularly during the 2005 series. The show featured increasing numbers of premium charge SMS and telephone competitions. On some nights less than half the show was footage from the house.

Here's a peek at the 'Housemates' and their identities:
-- Anna -- Anna Hind-Linden (born September 16, 1985) is a PA and promotional model from Frankston, in Melbourne, Victoria. She entered the house on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. She was taken to the Revenge Room along with Camilla on Day 9 as part of a fake double eviction. From the Revenge Room, they enacted revenge on the housemates who had nominated them by being allowed to control elements of the house such as when the hot water was turned off. They were allowed to return to the rest of the house on Day 11. After returning from the Revenge Room, Anna seemed to form a tighter bond with the men in the house. She was the 4th evicted from the house on Day 29 with 25% of the merged vote. Her famous catchphrase whilst in the house was "game on moles!" later admitting on UpLate that she forgot she even said the line. Anna appeared on the cover of the August 2006 Issue of Ralph magazine.
-- Ashley --Michael Cox (Ashley) (born March 3, 1986) is a bricklayer from Perth, Western Australia, of part Italian decent. He entered the house on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. Many of the housemates perceived Ashley like a little brother. He was often seen in the house talking about cars, a passion of his. Ashley revealed on Day 33 that he had never met his brother and sister and finding them was part of the reason why he participated in Big Brother. Ashley was saved from being up for eviction in the first week by Gaelan who used his Three Point Twist received from winning Friday Night Live; he was later saved from the eviction line-up by David exercising his Three Point Twist. On Day 70 (1 July 2006) at approximately 4:30AM, Ashley allegedly slapped his penis in Camilla's face while John held her down. Later that day, Ashley and John were removed from the house under escort due to their breach of the rules. During his time in the house Ashley had been up for eviction only once.
--Camilla --Camilla Halliwell (born October 28, 1983) is a student and nightclub host from Melbourne, Victoria. She entered the house on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. She left the House as part of a fake eviction along with Anna on Day 9. From the Revenge Room, they enacted revenge on housemates who had nominated them which including pouring itchy powder on their beds, making them do the clown task to see them fall over in the pool and stealing their clothes. She returned to the house as a surprise Birthday present for John on Day 11 in one of Tilli's dresses and while in the Revenge room said that the first thing she would do was call Tilli a bitch in front of her face. However she did not do this, and instead kindly offered to return the dress to Tilli. Camilla was very close to David from day 0, and was upset when he came out as homosexual on day 4. Camilla and David later bonded with Intruder Rob, who dubbed the three of them "Team Faghag". Camilla and David remained close, but their friendship became somewhat strained over time, resulting in David nominating her in week 10. As time has passed, Camilla has won some housemates over, but she has often been perceived by her housemates to be annoying, confrontational, bitchy and argumentative. As a result of this, she had been consistently nominated for eviction. This had also given her the nickname of 'the Veteran' from her fellow housemates. She was up for eviction in Weeks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10. She wouldn't have been up for eviction in Week 10 had it not been for the result of Claire's three-point twist. This means she has been up for nomination every week except week 8 (she was immune from nomination in week 2 due to being 'fakely' evicted in week 1). Her and Perry's personalities clash in the house as they are both very opinionated. On Day 70 Camilla was involved in an incident where she was allegedly sexually harassed by Ashley and John. These two have since been removed from the house. According to Centrebet, with $2.00 odds, Camilla is currently picked to be this series' winner.
--Claire --Claire Madden (born June 17, 1983) is a big cat zookeeper from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She entered the house on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. She entertained the house with various original songs as the house is forbidden to sing any commercial music. Claire is a vegetarian and is concerned about conservation of the environment. When asked during Housemates on Trial if she would eat meat to win the prize money, she said she wouldn't, and the LVA said she was telling the truth. Claire had been nominated for eviction in Week 2. She was also put up for potential nomination in the Under the Radar vote but did not receive enough audience votes to be nominated for eviction. Claire won Friday Night Live in Week 9, and took Rob to the Rewards Room because he was the only housemate, other than the recently arrived Intruders, who had never been in there. She used her Three Point Twist on David during the following Monday's Nominations, however this failed to remove him from the line-up. The reduction in his points put into third place tie with Camilla, so David remained up for eviction while Camilla was added to the eviction line-up.
-- Danielle --Danielle Foote (born June 8, 1987) was a host of Supre TV from Adelaide, South Australia. Danielle was the third intruder to enter the house on Day 24, the other two being Rob and Jade. She was the youngest housemate in the 2006 series. Danielle became romantically involved with Dino after Katie's 20th birthday party. However, she had told other housemates that she had similar feelings for John. The situation was openly described as being a love triangle by several housemates, but this situation came to a halt with Dino's eviction on Day 43, after which John refused to pursue Danielle. Dani's 19th birthday was on Day 47. During her party, she was speaking without her microphone which was discarded when she changed clothes. Because of this, she spent the remainder of her birthday in the Punishment Room cleaning dirty dentures, themed by the Scream Week Task and her Scream Week-themed birthday party. Danielle was nominated for eviction with Camilla and Rob and was the 8th person evicted from the house on Day 50, receiving 44% of the merged vote. The night after her eviction she was on the Nominations show, Dino was also on the show as a special guest. The two made up and made it clear that "everything was alright" between them. Danielle appeared on the cover of a Zoo Weekly Magazine, an Australian 'lads mag'.
-- Darren --Darren Bowley (born August 14, 1986) is a 19-year-old student from Brisbane. He was a replacement intruder for Gina, and entered the house as an Intruder on Day 60 (June 21). In BB house, Darren dislikes Perry, John and Jamie, but he has a strong bond with David. Darren was nominated for eviction in Week 11, but David removed him from the list via 3 point twist.
-- David --David Graham (born August 28, 1979) is a former model and a farmer from Goondiwindi, Queensland. David entered the house on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. David came out to the housemates and on Day 4 revealed he was homosexual. David bonded immediately with Camilla (although she was upset when he kissed Tilli soon after he revealed his homosexuality), and later Intruder Rob joined their group. David was happy to have another gay man in the house, and they remained close until Rob's eviction. David and Camilla grew somewhat apart as time went on. Due to his feeling that Camilla was playing nice with other housemates to avoid being nominated by them, David nominated her in Week 10, a decision that caused him some anguish. David eventually became very good friends with Claire, in spite of some ideological differences (she was a vegetarian, he was a sheep farmer). He bonded with Michael, and was visibly upset after learning Michael had lied to the housemates repeatedly as the Insider. Michael and David were still close enough that the blurred lines of their friendship led David to ask Michael if he was gay. Soon after, Michael led other housemates to believe David had stolen their toothbrushes. This led to some heated arguments until after Michael's eviction, when Big Brother told them Michael was the culprit. David also had a strong attraction for Intruder Darren, but as Darren said he was heterosexual, they remained close friends only. David won Friday Night Live in Week 7, won a trip to Vietnam and took Camilla to the rewards room; he took the 3 points off Ashley, even though he himself was up for nomination. He said only a "jerk" would take points off himself. David won again in Week 10, took Perry to the rewards room (she was runner-up in the game), and won a trip to Thailand. David was up for eviction in weeks 4, 8, 10, and 11 (he used his 3 points to remove Darren from nomination). He was originally nominated in Week 5, but Gaelan removed 3 points from him, clearing him from the eviction line-up. As of 3 July 2006, David is the second most popular pick to win the series, after fellow housemate Camilla.
-- Dino --Dino Delic (born April 9, 1983) is a Business student from Melbourne, Victoria. He moved to Australia as a refugee with his family in 1992 from Bosnia after escaping war there. In the house he formed a relationship with Danielle. Dino was seen to be chauvenistic and selfish, possibly contributing to his eviction. He was the 7th housemate to be evicted from the house on Day 42 with Jade, grabbing 5% of the merged vote. After being evicted, he admitted regretting his relationship with Danielle, after seeing footage of himself as part of a love triangle entangling himself, Danielle and John.
-- Elise --Elise Chen (born November 26, 1984) is a student and Finance Analyst from Sydney, New South Wales. She moved to Australia when she was 5 years old and did not speak one word of English. She entered the house on Day 0 with all of the original housemates. Her performance in the first episode of Friday Night Live games of the series, in which she constantly fell over made her the laughing stock of the show's audience, panel and housemates. Throughout her stay she was seen as one of the quieter housemates and this quietness was regarded as a major contributor to her nomination and subsequent eviction in the second week (first eviction) of the series.
-- Gaelan -- Gaelan Walker (born December 25, 1979) is a carpenter and model (although there has been much speculation he is a stripper) from Victoria. He entered the House on Day 0 along with the original housemates. He formed a relationship with Krystal. Gaelan was nominated in week 10 - his first nomination. Prior to this Gaelan had only ever received 1 nomination point. Gaelan's nomination came from only two housemates, Camilla and David, with Camilla suggesting Gaelan was going Under the Radar and purposely avoiding conflict to win the game. While Gaelan was often perceived as the most likely to be popular with the Australian public by fellow housemates, the Australian Big Brother Website's accumulative 'Favourite Housemate Poll' consistently placed him towards the lowest end of the popularity spectrum (about 1% of poll-voters considered him their favourite). He was evicted on Day 71, with 48% of the merged public.
-- Jade - Jade Stack (November 30, 1986) is a student from the suburb of Penrith in Sydney, New South Wales. She entered the house on Day 24 with the two other intruders Rob and Danielle. She entered the house second after Rob and was given an incredibly enthusiastic reception by the women in the house. However, some time after Danielle entered the house Jade began to feel isolated from the rest of the house. She was given the task as the new Insider on Day 24 after the previous Insider, Michael, had his role revealed by Big Brother to the housemates. Jade was the 6th housemate evicted from the house on Day 42 with 8% of the merged vote with Dino in a double eviction.
-- Jamie -- Jamie Brooksby (born June 28, 1983) is a personal trainer from Perth, Western Australia. He entered the house on Day 0 and formed a romantic relationship with fellow housemate Katie. He was up for eviction for the first time in Week 8, but Katie was evicted. Was up for eviction the following week and again survived. Was disqualified from nominating other housemates in week ten as a punishment for repeated rule-breaking including what Big Brother considered as Jamie discussing nominations (in particular, who nominated whom). The rules of the show ban any discussion about nominations to prevent housemate alliances from forming. Jamie said that he had a serious drug and drink problem (including the selling and trafficking of amphetamine, more commonly known as speed) that went on for a year, some time before entering the House. He has been compared to Ben Stiller's character Derrick Zoolander from the movie Zoolander, not only because of his constant need to check his hair, but also because of his voice and his large usage of the word 'like.' A Big Brother show once showed a clip in which the amount of 'like's' Jamie used in a thirty second discussion were tallied: 8.
-- John -- Michael Bric (John) (born May 2, 1985) is a Media and Communications student from Melbourne, Victoria. Along with Krystal, he was voted as going Under the Radar by the public on Day 38, and was subsequently put up for eviction later that week, but survived the vote. He has mild Tourette syndrome[citation needed] which causes him to have slight facial twitches and tics, something he revealed to his housemates early in the series. John won "Pommy Night", a British-themed Friday Night Live on Day 55, and took Claire to the Rewards Room. On Day 70 (1 July 2006), John and Ashley, were removed from the house for breach of rules, after allegedly sexual misconduct against Camilla. Queensland Police are not pursuing the case.
-- Karen -- Karen Forscutt (born August 19, 1969) is a postal worker from Batemans Bay, NSW. She entered the house on Day 0 with her daughter Krystal and was immediately given the task along with daughter Krystal to not let the other housemates find out that they were related. They successfully passed the task and were immune from nominations the following week. In Week 3, Karen stated that she was sick of the game and was disappointed when Big Brother told the housemates that they were not guaranteed prizes. Her negative reaction to this provoked some of her housemates to nominate her for eviction that week. She was the clear favourite to leave that week and did so becoming the 3rd evicted from the house on Day 21 with 36% of the merged vote.
-- Katie -- Katie Hastings (born May 23, 1986) is a promotional model from Perth, Western Australia. She entered the house on Day 0 and formed a romantic relationship with fellow housemate Jamie. She won Friday Night Live on Day 41, and chose to take Jamie to the Rewards Room with her. In Week 7, Camilla, Rob, and Dani were up for eviction. Katie used her Three Point Twist on Camilla, but the eviction line-up did not change. Katie was up for eviction in Week 8 with David and Jamie, and despite her status as one of the favourite housemates (according to the BB Website's Popularity Poll) became the 9th evictee, leaving the house on Day 57 with 64% of the merged vote.
-- Krystal -- Krystal Forscutt (July 12, 1986) is a promotional model from Batemans Bay, New South Wales. She entered the house on Day 0 with her mother Karen, who have both had matching breast implants, and they were given the task of keeping their relationship a secret for a week. They successfully passed the task and were immune from nominations the following week. Krystal was subsequently up for eviction in weeks 3, 4, 6, 10, and 11. In week 6 Danielle used her Three Point Twist on Krystal, removing her from the eviction line-up, however in that week the public voted her as Under the Radar, and was put up for eviction. While in the house Krystal entered a relationship with Gaelan. Krystal was injured during Day 62's Friday Night Games. She had to leave the Friday Night Live arena and was treated by a doctor, receiving nine stitches under her chin. She also worried she had burst a breast implant. Due to her injuries she asked if she could not participate in the next Friday Night Live, instead being given Chinese food while she sat out. Krystal appeared on the cover of the June Issue of Ralph magazine as well as appearing on the cover of "The Shed" section of Ralph's July 2005 issue.
-- Lauren -- Lauren (born October 15, 1983) is a 22-year-old makeup artist from NSW. She entered the House as an Intruder on Day 60 (June 21), and was evicted on Day 64 in a Housemate-Intruder vote, having spent only four days in the house.
-- Michael -- Michael McCoy (born June 16, 1980) is a political science student from Sydney. He has a Filipino mother. Michael was the first housemate to enter the Big Brother House this year. On Day 2, he was given the task of the Insider by Big Brother, having been chosen by the viewing public. If he succeeded in his tasks, he would be immune to Nominations, but if he failed, he would be automatically nominated by Big Brother for eviction. He failed his first mission within minutes of being assigned the task, which was to secretly spill water on a bed that was occupied by two housemates. Michael opted to spill water on Gaelan's bed, which at the time was only used by Gaelan himself. Because of that, and because he also didn't empty the whole bottle, he was awarded his first strike. Soon after, he was given other missions, one of which included getting at least 8 of his fellow housemates to nominate him at the next round of nominations. His technique to complete this mission was to fabricate a story about a son named Reuben that he had in the outside world. It was revealed on Michael's eviction night that Reuben is actually the name of one of Michael's real life friends. He received a backlash of conflict after Big Brother ousted him as the Insider, especially from housemate Anna who had distant contact with her father. Despite no longer being the Insider, Michael continued to cause conflict in Week 5, hiding cutlery as well as hiding the housemates' toothbrushes from them, never revealing their locations even after he had been evicted. He was the 5th housemate to be evicted from the house on Day 36, with 20% of the merged vote. The day after he was evicted, Michael appeared on the Nominations show and had a heated discussion with Gretel Killeen about the producer's editing regarding a scene where Michael and housemate David appeared to be kissing. The outfall resulted in media attention and the interview with Gretel was later labelled "The Gretel Incident" by fans due to Gretel's extremely defensive interviewing tactics during the scene. The day after this incident Michael appeared on Rove Live and bluntly told host Rove McManus that he was not as funny as the show's co-host Peter Helliar. Upon being asked about "The Gretel Incident" Michael suggested that the host of Friday Night Live and Big Brother Up Late Mike Goldman or co-host of Friday Night Live and former housemate Ryan Fitzgerald would be better hosts of Big Brother than Gretel. Not long after being evicted, he was involved in a brawl with music student Tristan Bauer, punching him in the head at the Eastern Hotel in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Mr Bauer, a homosexual, claimed that the attack was unprovoked, although Michael's agency, Harry M. Miller, has stated that he only reacted after 'homophobic' comments had been made in his direction. Michael was charged with assault, legal processes are still pending.
-- Perry -- Perry Apostolou (born March 4, 1967) is a 39-year-old estate agent from NSW. She entered the House on Day 60 (June 21). As of that date she had become the oldest housemate on Big Brother Austraila yet, as well as being the one hundredth housemate on the series. In Week 10 Perry was runner up in Friday Night Games. David won and took her to the rewards room. In Week 11 Perry was nominated for eviction. Perry is of Greek descent.
-- Rob -- Rob Rigley (born July 18, 1979) is a gay hairdresser from Wollongong. He entered the house on Day 24 as an intruder, along with Danielle and Jade. Rob quickly bonded with Camilla and David, friendships that lasted the entirety of his stay in the house, although he was surprised when at his eviction he was shown footage of Camilla complaining about him behind his back. In Rob's final week in the house, new Intruders arrived; Rob was close to Perry from the start, and after his eviction, he said he was barracking/supporting for her. Rob, of Lebanese decent, was perceived by some in the house as bitchy, and he had an increasingly tense relationship with Jamie until they made peace in Week 9. He was up for eviction in Week 7 and Week 9. Rob was evicted on Day 64, being the last of the first set of Intruders to leave the house. On the Tuesday after his eviction, Rob appeared on Rove Live and after the interview had finished Rove requested that he shave Rob's mullet which Rob agreed to do only if Rove in return donated $5,000 for AIDS research. Afterwards Rove decided to donate $10,000 to the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation.
-- Tilli -- Matilda Clapham (Tilli) (born August 18, 1986) is a Psychology student from Adelaide Hills, South Australia. She entered the house on Day 0 with all the original housemates and was straight away seen to be bitchy. Tilli had a pash with housemate David on Day 4 soon after he came out which caused conflict with Camilla who was still recovering from the announcement that David was not attracted to her because he was homosexual. When prompted about who she found annoying in the diary room, she commented that Camilla was "forced and fake", which Camilla eventually watched replayed back to her when she was in the Revenge Room. Tilli was the 1st evicted from the house on Day 14 with 20% of the merged vote along with Elise in a double eviction.
-- Gina -- Gina from New South Wales was intended as the sixteenth original Housemate, but withdrew from the show at the last minute (before the season began) due to a diagnosis of glandular fever. She was given a second opportunity to enter the house as one of the Intruders that entered the house on June 21's Intruders - Incoming show, but she did not arrive for lockdown at the Gold Coast as arranged, so she has been replaced by Darren, a stand-by housemate.

On July 1, 2006 two housemates, Ashley (real name Michael Cox) and John (Michael Bric), were removed from the house for allegedly sexually assaulting a female housemate, Camilla Halliwell. Following this, the live feed was temporarily replaced by an old UpLate Update of the housemates completing their Football Task, continuously looped, and the forums on the Big Brother website were removed. Queensland Police were shown the relevant footage, but opted not to conduct a criminal investigation. Following the removal of the two offenders, the show has continued exactly as normal, with another housemate (Gaelan) being evicted via the usual procedure. Gaelan was interviewed and claimed that the Big Brother producers had not advised housemates on how to deal with sexual tension. On 3 July 2006, Nine's breakfast show Today held a poll to ask if Big Brother should be banned; the majority response was in favour of cancelling the program. Australian Prime Minister John Howard asked for Big Brother to be cancelled, saying, "Here's a great opportunity for Channel 10 to do a bit of self-regulation and get this stupid program off the air"; Leader of the Opposition Kim Beazley and Senator Steve Fielding supported this view. Queensland Premier Peter Beattie argued that the show employed many Australians in production and that, because of the already diminished size of the Australian television industry, the show should continue. Later on during the night, Ten Network broadcasted a interview with John and Ashley at 9.40pm AEST and Big Brother host Gretel Killeen in order to give the two housemates an opportunity to share their opinions, and to clear any generalisations or sensationism caused by the media. The two stated that the incident was only "out of fun", and that they "did not mean to hurt Camilla", as they have "a great deal of respect for her". The pair will now return to normal life, without the recievership of prizes, after 48 hours of lockdown. Interestingly, you'll see Camilla in her own bed, at first, responding good naturedly to the two Michaels who are teasing her. They want her to come over to their bed. Everyone is laughing, including the femme fatale. Willingly, she gets out of her own bed and climbs into bed with the two good looking guys, right inbetween them. She predicts the 'turkey slap' that follows and is laughing throughout the entire clip, which we have gathered for you to watch. And download. And scrutinise. In the comfort of your own home. The two men embroiled in the latest Big Brother scandal have spoken out about the ordeal. Channel Ten interrupted normal programming to run a short interview with the pair, who say the incident has been blown out of all proportion. The incident has been referred to the communications watchdog, which will decide if the alleged assault, which was shown on the internet, breached online regulations. Both Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kim Beazley have weighed in on the controversy surrounding the affair by calling on the network to dump the program. We ask you, faithful readers, to really look at this so-called scandal.

So, what's really happening here? Those who have already seen the feed are up in arms about their favourite television series. What's it all about, we ask? A 'turkey slap'? You know what a turkey slap is, right? It's a bit of fun for the twenty something crowd. A little playful penis/ball slap across the chick's face, that's all. The viewing population tuned into Big Brother by the millions after the 'incident'. We ask you this. Was it a great publicity stunt? Certainly, it was a significant increase over the week before. We would never presume to make up your minds, so we think you should definitely download the clips and images and vast amounts of footage we've gathered for you. Get your friends to watch, too, so you can all have a huge discussion over the the allegations that the television network used this incident to draw in even more viewers than it already has. Because the footage was not aired, we feel it's our responsibility to deliver it to YOUR computer, for YOU to see, in its entirety. We figure you've got a right to see what all the fuss is about. Was it sexual misconduct? Should the show be axed? What really happened? And, so you shall bear witness to the reality of realities. What happened that night is what we have to show you. We know you want to see it. We know you've got to see it all.


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